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LISA DAEHLIN is an opera singer and knitting designer living in New York.

LISA DAEHLIN is an opera singer and knitting designer living in New York.

LISTEN & WATCH – Lisa Daehlin’s YouTube channel

SINGing –

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  1. Christopher Taylor permalink
    March 28, 2011 12:00 pm

    I look forward to further musing on NYC, knitting, singing, and The Whole Damn Thing!

  2. Christine Berl permalink
    December 5, 2011 10:06 am

    Having trouble with your ruffled wrap, am only gettig a triangle for the ruffle no wrap

    What am I doing wrong

    • December 5, 2011 4:00 pm

      Christine: Are you doing the short-row (i.e., work only part-way across the row, turn and go back) part of the pattern? that’s what will give you the ruffles. Be sure to wrap the stitch as you do the short rows to prepare for when you come back and knit the whole row (to avoid getting a hole at that spot). Interweave Knits has some handy info about short rows and wrapping the stitch (with a clear image) on their site I like to think of this as “wrapping the yarn around the ‘post’ of the stitch” before turning and going back to knit the now-shortened row. Does that help? Let me know.
      The pattern is meant to be one in which you can find a flow and just into the groove and enjoy knitting it. I know you’ll get it. 🙂

  3. Mette Liang permalink
    October 18, 2012 6:31 pm

    Lisa:) We went to Concordia togehter. I’m knitting, but only traditional patterns. I enjoyed reading your blog! A big Norwegian hug:)

    • October 19, 2012 3:00 am

      Mette: Great to hear from you! I’ll send you an email. Big hug right back atcha!

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