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Knitting Residency at Northfield Yarn Shop

August 5, 2021

Various photos from Lisa Daehlin in Knitting Residency at Northfield Yarn Shop, May 2021

Visit my “Lisa Daehlin, Artist” page on facebook to read more and see more of the yarny and scintillating photos.

Lisa Daehlin is at Northfield Yarn.August 5 at 10:22 PM · Northfield, MN

In May, I did a #KnittingResidency at the magical place known as #NorthfieldYarn Life got pretty busy those last few days, so I didn’t get around to posting final photos of the #Mandala that I made that month. Here, you can see what the window display looked like then, and how it’s now updated to add a mandala fresh off the hook (so fresh, in fact, that it’s not quite finished, shhhhh, let’s keep that entre nous. Maybe no one will notice 😉). The mandalas that I’d been making prior to May featured #hearts emanating out from the center starting point, but working in pink and red (the yarns i use in the #LovePeopleBeKind #Crochet #Hearts). The idea grew so I would incorporate scrap yarn from various knitters and crocheted who find their fiber home at the shop. When I arrived, my suitcase was to the brim with the red and pink yarn. Added to those hearts bursting in the foreground is now a #radiant background, stitched by my hands and with yarn left over from various projects made by other hands. It’s a peaceful and lovely collaboration of materials. As I typed a message about this newly made one, the gifts that spellcheck keeps on giving provided yet another gem. I had intended to say “fun working with color”, but it ‘corrected’ to read: “fit writhing with color”. Go figure. And, I LIKE it.
#TapestryCrochet #SurrenderDorothy socks.

August1,2021 – Sunday morning….just arrived to one of my favorite places. NRC to sing for chapel. Some #Dvorak, some #CatStevens. I have a blessed half hour in the morning air to sit on this bench, drink my tea, perhaps do another round on the current #mandala #tenkebenk #TeaEarlGreyHot — with Lisa Daehlin, Artist and LisaDaehlin,Singer at Northfield Retirement Community.

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