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How’s THIS for a fortune, Cookie? LovePeopleBeKind, spinning bags of yarn into gold

August 22, 2019


Years ago, I found the message in a fortune cookie (somewhere in Minneapolis, based on how old that paper taped by my sewing machine looks)..
It reads: “You will be traveling and coming into a fortune”. Moral of the story? PLANT THOSE SEEDS and keep nurturing them.

Lisa Daehlin_LovePeopleBeKind_Crochet Heart Yarn from Knitty City_ Selfie in an Elevator_Sewing machine_You will be travelling and coming into a fortune

Now, all these years and waters under and over and around bridges later, I encountered that same fortune-laden scrap of paper again, still taped to my machine (which had been in storage for a time). We see things through the lease of our lives. More comes into view, more goes out of view. Things hove into and out of sight. Thank heavens for that merciful winnowing process! one could go mad were we to be faced in one moment with all the information and events running through the course of our lives. I find that this helps me accept the times and tides of things. Some times are more restful; other times seem more busy and laden with rich experiences. The restful times give us pause to ponder those others.  It works out just fine.

So… why talk about all this right now? I am prompted by my upcoming journey to Minnesota. I’ll be giving a presentation about the #LovePeopleBeKind Crochet Heart project that has become a part of my life during the last couple years. It’s quite a way to meet people, break the ice, have a conversation with a total stranger. In a moment or two, a stranger no more, but a friend, or at least a momentary acquaintance, both of us to go further in our directions in the world changed, even if in only the smallest way, by the interaction.

I get my yarn for this project from #KnittyCityYarnShop in NYC. It’s a lovely place. If you haven’t yet been there, do stop in sometime. Pearl and the gang are quite the lovely bunch of people. This Friday 23august2019 I bring my presentation to #NorthfieldYarnShop in Northfield, MN… another such lovely place where people meet, knit, crochet, talk about fiber and about life.

SO… the story of the photo collage in this post…
Bottom Right Image: those old and wise words from a long-ago fortune cookie, singing to me as my sewing machine did the same, enticing to places of dream and perhaps travel;
Upper Right Side Image: prepping for a trip to Norway this summer, where I knew I would meet a couple hundred new friends (and I did! there are now 500 little hearts, making their way about the world), I picked up 2 big bags of the heart yarn;
Center Image: attending a lecture class at the University of Oslo #UiO I noticed that someone had carved a heart into the desk where I was sitting. Of course, I grabbed the moment to take a photo of one of my hearts next to it. hmmmmm I wonder to whom I gave that particular heart and where it now resides…;
Left Side Image: Having just picked up all that yarn from Knitty City, I made my next stop to a friend’s place on Manhattan’s UWS. The elevator there is small and shiny, inviting a selfie. I love how hazy the image is.. I was REALLY tired by that time, getting ready for travel. But it was all worth it.. A FANTASTIC time being in another place, doing some singing, some knitting, studying the language, enjoying the people. So… that’s my book-report on “what I did on my summer vacation” og det var helt fantastisk!

n.b. In the title of this post, I mention “spinning bags of yarn into gold”. In case it’s not screamingly clear, that gold is PEOPLE. Thank you, lovely people! 

If you find yourself in the vicinity of Northfield Yarn Shop this weekend, swing on by. I’ll make you a heart and we can shake hands 🙂

Here’s something on their blog about the weekend’s activities:

Lisa at Northfield Yarn Shop (2 imgages from NYS blog)




Concert at Linderud gård, Oslo, Norway. 22june2019

June 20, 2019

konsert at LINDERUD GÅRD
Lørdag 22.juni kl.19
Ingerid Birkeland, sopran
Lisa Daehlin, sopran
Ole Johannes Kosberg, klaver

konsert at LINDERUD GÅRD; MIDSUMMER SONGS Lørdag 22.juni kl.19; Ingerid Birkeland, sopran; Lisa Daehlin, sopran; Ole Johannes Kosberg, klaver


2019 May 17th, Syttendemai afternoon & evening concerts at Norwegian Church, NYC, 3:30 & 6pm

May 14, 2019

Friday, MAY 17th, 2019, Syttendemai concerts at Norwegian Church, NYC

Afternoon Concert on the Street Stage:  3:30pm
Evening Concert inside the Church:  6:00pm

Norwegian Church_Syttendemai_Norway Day 2019_Sjomannskirken nyc

Musikk og Måltid _ Skjaertorsdag [Maundy Thursday]  _ Thursday, April 18th, 2019, 6pm

April 17, 2019

Norwegian Seamen’s Church
Skjaertorsdag [Maundy Thursday] Musikk og Måltid
Thursday, April 18th, 2019, 6pm
LOCATION:  Norwegian Seamen’s Church317 E. 52nd St. (btwn 1st-2nd Aves.), ‪NYC

le coeur électrique … a concert of song – Music at St. Paul’s (Columbia U) – Tues. April 16th, 6-7pm

April 11, 2019

le coeur électrique a concert of song Duparc ~ Baudelaire ~ Grieg ~ Ibsen ~ Griffes ~ Porter ~ Hammerstein ~ Kern ~ Lahor ~ Mandel ~ Whitman ~ Saavedra love, laughter, sprites, spirits, & water lilies Lisa Daehlin soprano Waundell Saavedra bass Tor Morten Kjøsnes pianist Tuesday, April 16th, 2019, 6-7pm St. Paul’s Chapel, Columbia University [Amsterdam @ 116th ] Music at St. Paul’s Concert Series free admission, all are welcome

le coeur électrique
a concert of song
Duparc ~ Baudelaire ~ Grieg ~ Ibsen ~ Griffes ~ Porter ~ Hammerstein ~ Kern ~ Lahor ~ Mandel ~ Whitman ~ Saavedra
love, laughter, sprites, spirits, & water lilies

Lisa Daehlin  soprano
Waundell Saavedra  bass
Tor Morten Kjøsnes  pianist

Tuesday, April 16th, 2019, 6-7pm
St. Paul’s Chapel, Columbia University  [Amsterdam @ 116th ]
Music at St. Paul’s Concert Series
free admission, all are welcome

A Drop of Hope – Benefit Concert – Konsert i Sjømannskirken – Fredag 22. februar kl. 19.00

February 21, 2019

Benefit Concert


Suggested Donation $10

Friday, February 22nd, 2019, 7pm
LOCATION:  Norwegian Seamen’s Church317 E. 52nd St. (btwn 1st-2nd Aves.), ‪NYC

Fredag 22. februar kl. 19.00 Konsert i Sjømannskirken - A drop of Hope Denne fredagskvelden inviterer vi til konsert i samarbeid med "Dråpen i havet" .

Musikerne denne kvelden er flere av de kjente navnene her i Sjømannskirken. Anja-Christin Nielsen er tilbake for denne konserten, og ellers møter vi Hilde Skappel, Magnus Tonning Riise, Lisa Daehlin, Paulo Coelho, Jørgen Magnus Haslum, Tor Morten Kjøsnes, Dag Markhus, Christian Stahr med flere.

Konserten er til inntekst for “Dråpen i havet”, som harsom formål å yte støtte til mennesker på flukt, samt å spre informasjon om flyktninger og migranters livssituasjon. Der det er aktuelt vil hovedfokuset rettes mot å hjelpe barn og deres mødre. Dråpen i Havet ble stiftet september 2015, og har siden oppstarten koordinert flere enn 5500 frivillige hjelpearbeidere til Hellas, der behovet for hjelp er stort.
Les mer på
Sjekk arrangementet på Facebook. 

Suggested Donation $10

Come join us for an evening of music as we help “A drop in the Ocean” help thousands of refugees in need.

“Dråpen i Havet” or “A drop in the Ocean”, is a Norwegian organization working to help refugees, especially children and their mothers. They provide aid directly to refugee camps in Greece, through distribution of food, clothes and equipment. They are mainly run by volunteers, and are financially dependent on donations. Read more about their work here:
Also check the event on Facebook.

Suggested Donation $10

Riverside Choir Benefit Tea – sunday 27th january 2019

January 17, 2019

Hello friends and fans of music,
I’m happy to be among the performers of the Riverside Church Choir. And, just LOOK at what we’re up to this weekend…

Playing (with the) Post Office: Riverside Choir Benefit Tea


Sunday, 27 January 2019, 2-3:30pm

LOCATION:  The Riverside Church, 490 Riverside Drive, New York, NY 10027