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Re-posting a Heart-ful post

August 16, 2018

#LovePeopleBeKind is one of my myriad projects. At first, I would hand out at random these yarn-y red strings, hooked into the shape of a heart. I liked the anonymity of it. Friends urged me to put a business card on them. “Nah!”, said I. “I like the thought that they are ‘out there’ somewhere. I don’t need to know where.” But, pensing upon it, I relented, and began to “hashtag” them, so I could get a hint as to where in the world (and to whom) they travelled.

I must say, handing out the little hearts (oh, by the way, I DO make them myself… turns out that crocheting on the subway is a bit of performance art) has turned into a wonderful ice-breaker, a way to meet a stranger on the train, the street, the highways and byways of this amazing journey we call life. Call me a nerd, but I DO believe that meeting and interacting with other humans is WHY we are human.  Crocheting hearts and passing them out along the journey has become a thing that I do. I like it, and I love the people I meet as a result. It is my hope that it might be one of the many sparks that lights the fire for others to feel impelled to spread some love, some conversation, some human-whatever-ness, too. If not be the impetus for it, then perhaps, at least, occasion it. Most importantly: witness the need for it. We NEED LOVE in this world (she says, stating the obvious, but erring on the side of overstatement).

Here is one such story from my good friend, Kristine, who happens to be the chaplain in the community where my mother lives. #NorthfieldRetirementCommunity is wonderful for so many reasons and in so many ways. Not the least of which is its location at the foot of the hill on which sits the “College on the Hill”, also known as St. Olaf. Contrary to popular myth, St. Olaf is NOT the name of the town (god bless the Golden Girls!), but the school. #StOlafCollege

Without further ado… but, I AM good at adding in some “ado” and spiel… so I’ll turn this post over to the RE-post of my friend’s blog… post…

Reposted (with permission) from Hearts November 8, 2017 Lisa Daehlin, opera and cabaret chanteuse in New York City--along with knitting artiste extraordinaire--is the daughter of an esteemed elder, a resident of Northfield Retirement Community. When Lisa visits NRC, she often sings for us, sometimes accompanied on piano by her mother.  Lisa shares her red and pink and white hearts on campus, even tying them once to our fence behind which are sometimes housed goats! I have wondered if the goats eat them or let them be. Lisa is on a mission to "spread the love with crocheted hearts." This time, she's sending her crocheted hearts all the way to Madagascar! #LisaDaehlinArtist  & #LovePeopleBeKind  are Lisa's hashtags. Lisa writes: "I invite you to talk with me, share a story (perhaps a song), and I'll crochet a heart for you. Yours in yarn and song, Lisa." Looking at this array of hearts to share overseas, I think of Holy Writ: For God so loved the world that He gave His only faith, hope, and love abide, these three. But the greatest of these is love.

Reposted (with permission) from blog post Hearts November 8, 2017

You can read more about Kristine’s life and mission and Madagascar on her blog

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