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gudstjeneste og musikk på Sjømannskirken i New York – 25 years on 52nd street

September 17, 2017

25 years on 52nd Street - Norwegian Seamen's Church in New York - 17 September 2017 - En veldig fin dag på Sjømannskirken her i nyc

En veldig fin dag på Sjømannskirken her i nyc! Today, 17 September 2017, we had the 25 years on 52nd Street celebration at the Norwegian Seamen’s Church in New York. A lovely and meaningful gudstjeneste with wonderful words, text, musikk. As always, the food at kirkekaffe was fantastisk… even more so today. It was my pleasure to be among several artists offering gifts of musikk. For my part, and from my heart, i sang “Må din vei komme deg i møte”. In English, we know it as “May the Road Rise to Meet You”. Be well, all. 

n.b. One of my favorite “visuals” at Sjømannskirken is how the light shines down through those triangular shaped windows. It can seem dramatic, jagged, pointed. It can feel specific. It can be open to interpretation. This particular day, my eye was caught by a flashing light. How lovely to see that light reflecting brightly off of the baptismal font.

Note and Credits: The quotes and photos used in the image above are from the FaceBook pages of Lisa Daehlin, Singer and of the Sjømannskirken i New York. I highly recommend visiting both.

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