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Spreading the Love – with Crocheted Hearts

September 1, 2017
LisaDaehlinArtist, Love People Be Kind photo collage

Crocheted Hearts by #LisaDaehlinArtist, Upper West Side heart and leaf on Columbus Ave at 67th St, Hearts and tags to be gifted away, Lisa Daehlin at Rubin Museum Street Fair in front of a Banksy, Goat with heart at Northfield Retirement Community in MN. ~ ~ ~

A couple years ago (maybe it was a year and a half… time flies and tracking it can sometimes feel elusive), I was invited by Knitty City Yarn Shop to be involved in an event at City Bakery. It was close to Valentine’s Day, chocolate, yarn, and adventuresome people were part of the shindig. For my part, I spent some of the evening at the table where we were making crocheted hearts. As the evening wore on, the room became peppered with hearts, decorating the people attending the event, working the event, enjoying the event.

From my vantage point, through balls of yarn, handfuls of hooks, a table of hearts, I could see the fun and love, spreading its way around the room. It was palpable.

Realizing that there was something magic in those little hearts, I began making some in the days following. Trying out different yarns, I found one that, paired with a generous hook, gave a comfortable amount of smushy-ness to the final product. And, what a product it is! That little pile of yarn, hooked into the shape of a heart seems to hold some magic nestled in its midst. I make them on the subways in Manhattan, giving them out at random. It’s a bit of performance art, crochet and knitting in public spaces. The gentle movement of the stitcher’s hands. It becomes a gesture of invitation. Those who see it, begin to watch… ask about it… “what are you making?” ….  “my mom/grandma/etc used to do that”… “where did you learn to do that?”…”can you make a sweater?” It’s one of the nicest ice-breakers upon which I’ve stumbled.

The anonymity and randomness of it has held intrigue for me. But I DO  find myself wondering “where in this world do those hearts end up?”  Several people ask “is this on social media”… “you should hashtag it”… for some reason, I have resisted that… but now, curiosity has gotten the better of me.. Hence the hashtag #LisaDaehlinArtist (the name of one of my pages on facebook – the other is Lisa Daehlin, Singer – I invite you to follow me on BOTH of those pages). This project of populating the world in little hearts that are comfy to wear around your neck, or on your sleeve, I dare you! 😉 led to #LovePeopleBeKind. As our world currently (and, alas, always) shows us, we need AS MUCH LOVE AS POSSIBLE. I do believe that is why we are on this earth… to LOVE PEOPLE (and to sing and to knit…) but we must love one another and be good and kind to one another. That is how we will evolve as a human race. Just THINK of the beauty that the world can provide.

So… if you are reading this and have one such heart from me already, I invite you to take a picture of you wearing the heart, or of the heart placed somewhere that you find intriguing or valuable to you in your daily (or imaginary) life, in the hands of someone you love or someone you haven’t yet met – what a great way to meet a stranger “I’m doing a photo project, would you mind holding this crocheted heart for a second?” Put the photo up on facebook or as a comment here in this blog (or both), or on some form of social media. Mark it with #LisaDaehlinArtist and #LovePeopleBeKind. 

If you are reading this and think “wow, I want one of those hearts so I can take a picture of it and share the love” let me know and we’ll make it happen. If you’re in Manhattan, you just might find me on the subway or on a bench in Central Park, crocheting a heart. I invite you to talk with me, share a story (perhaps a song) and I’ll crochet a heart for you. 🙂

Yours in yarn and song,


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  1. September 6, 2017 12:24 am

    This is beautiful! I want a tiny heart coming from your giant one! ❤

    • September 25, 2017 5:46 pm

      I think you have received them by now. If not, let me know and I’ll bring some more to you 🙂


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