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Knitting in Chinatown – Happy New Year!

January 26, 2016

As an artist in NYC, I wear many hats (one of those is AS a hat-maker, but that’s for another conversation…): Singer, Designer, Educator.  In the realm of fiber arts, I am honored to be a Teaching Artist at the University Settlement. Located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, this organization has been in action for over 130 years — yes, you read the right!  FOR MORE THAN A CENTURY, this organization has been offering a variety of services to many different populations of people (seniors, teens, adults, children, families).  We hold classes in the Chinatown YMCA, fostering good health for and connection among mind, body, spirit.  Our Knitting Class wishes you a HAPPY NEW YEAR with this message of Good Fortune (knitted in stockinette stitch, with duplicate stitch embroidery).

Lisa Daehlin_Chinese New Year Good Fortune Good Luck character Duplicate Stitch Knitting_University Settlement knitting class_2016

Schedule of Knitting Classes and Events taught by Lisa (at U Settlement and other locations)

Schedule of Classes at University Settlement

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