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Harlem Needle Arts – Blossom of Fiber Festival – some images

July 26, 2013

DroopingFlower_1_Knitting&Crochet_Lisa Daehlin_Blossom of Fiber Arts_2013PussyWillow_4_Knitting&Crochet_Lisa Daehlin_Blossom of Fiber Arts_2013


If you happened to be in NYC the last week of June, you know what a scorcher it was.  When people ask me “what kind of artist am I”, the answer is twofold (and sometimes a source of puzzlement, but not to those who embrace the world through a multi-faceted lens)… I am a singer and a fiber artist.  That week, I had the pleasure of indulging in both identities:  giving a concert in a gorgeous old stone church with the most amazing acoustic, but that has, alas, no AC… THAT will put one’s technique to the test…. the high B’s are on auto pilot and fly/float shockingly well when you rely on the technique under your belt and the main goal remains to not pass out in the – truly not kidding here – hundred degrees of heat. The other thing on the agenda for moi-meme that week was the Harlem Needle Arts Annual Exhibition… Blossom of Fiber Festival in St. Nicholas Park, allowing me to indulge in that part of the artistry as well. I think that part of the enjoyment/balance of these two forms of art-making for me are the yin/yang of them in that one is a bit more ethereal and elusive (even the one can listen to/watch a recording of a performance, it’s never the same as being in that space and feeling the shared experience of performer and audience) while the other (knitting with sticks and strings and seeing the idea become manifest) is clearly more tangible to the eye and to the touch. And (here’s a truly important factor) the physically manifested work continues to exist after the artist leaves the room. You can stop by any old time and see it. Not so with the music, whose constantly echoing and dividing and seeming-to-be-disappearing sound waves are quite quickly inaudible to our humble and limited human ears.

But, I digress…

Now, at the end of July, the weather has finally “broken” as they say. In fact, it’s feeling quite autumnal, if one were pressed to find a descriptor. And I don’t mind being pressed, after having felt so oppressed by the heat until now. It goes without saying that there’s a relationship between the abating of the heat and the fact that I’ve finally found time/energy to go through some photos of the HNA Exhibition. So… sans further ado…. Find here a bunch of photos of that hot, fiber-filled day in St. Nicholas Park in Manhattan.  Also, look for more photos on the Harlem Needle Arts Facebook Page and hit that magic “Like” button to hear more about upcoming comings/goings/happenings.


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