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valentine’s day, Dr. Ruth, & the “Damaged” tango… tawk amongst yuh-selves!

June 5, 2012

“TC Sweetheart’s Valentine Event”  14  february 2012 at Teachers College, Columbia University  Richard Pearson Thomas and I were among the musical happenings onstage that evening. How exciting to share the evening’s bill with the ball of energy known as Dr. Ruth!  I had never before had the chance to meet her and I thank the universe for giving me the chance now. WHAT a personality!

The evening’s event held some great speakers and musicians from the faculty and students of Teachers College, including Lisa Miller and members of the Chamber Ensemble led by Dwight Manning. For our part of the program, Richard and I offered a set of three songs, touching on  different aspects of love and in different languages (French ‘mais oui!’, Norwegian ‘uff-da!’, English, what can I say?) …  ‘les chemins de l’amour’ by Poulenc, ‘jeg elsker dig’ by Grieg; ‘Damaged’ by Pearson Thomas.

PHOTO CREDITS: (the clearly professional looking shots) Heather Van Uxem Lewis for Teachers College, Columbia University, 14feb2012;  (the more candid shots of Dr. Ruth & Lisa Daehlin &  Richard Pearson Thomas were taken by someone on a cell phone. 😉   All taken on 14feb2012 at Teachers College Valentine’s Day Alumni Event

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