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Studio Arts Workshop at Newark Art Museum – Mitred Squares and Hairpin Laces

July 4, 2011

Studio Arts Workshop at Newark Art Museum_Summer2011

Mitred-Square Knitting and Crochet (with Hairpin Lace Crochet Decoration)

Description of Workshop:  Mitred corners are familiar to woodworkers when building a corner, making a frame or cutting edging. The knitting and crochet world makes use of this same structural element and builds upon it in a decorative fashion. In this workshop, for both knitters and crocheters, learn to make this shape within the fabric and explore various ways of using the resulting, sometimes bold, sometimes understated, design element for finished knitted or crochet objects. Additionally there will be instruction in the technique of hairpin lace crochet and participants can explore how it may be used to embellish objects. At the completion of this one-day workshop, people can expect to have completed one, or possibly two, small projects (picture frame, book cover, purse, pillow cover) and, perhaps, be on their way to a larger finished object as well as have new ideas about how to embellish that object in ways functional, decorative or a combination of both.

Pre-requisite:  Knitters: know how to cast on, knit, purl, bind off; Crocheters: know how to make a chain stitch, single crochet.

When:  Saturday, July 9, 10 am − 4 pm

Tuition:  Member: $81, Non-member: $90, Materials: $20

TO REGISTER:   call 973.596.6607

Instructor:  Lisa Daehlin is a knitting designer and opera singer. A continuing education faculty member at Cooper Union, she has the distinction of being their first-ever teacher of knitting and crochet courses. A sought-after designer of knitted and crocheted fabrics and objects, she free-lances for the fashion industry and retail design. Her designs can be seen walking the streets of Manhattan, on the pages of Interweave Knits, Knit 1, Vogue Knitting Magazines as well as featured in the Lace Style and Bag Style books published by Interweave Press.

Online Catalog of Summer 2011 Studio Arts Workshops

Lisa Daehlin Teaching Mitred Square Knit & Crochet and Hairpin Lace Crochet at Studio Arts Workshop at Newark Art Museum_Summer2011



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