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Busby Berkeley, the Goddess Kali, drop kick me Jesus – casting on & about for metaphors in knitting class

September 21, 2010

Knitting_Lace_linen_Niebling pattern_Lisa Daehlin SwatchOne way to describe Knitting and Crochet is merely as a sinewy arrangement of a long piece of string.  Granted, there are many variations on the theme of the very simple “pull a loop through a loop” that is foundation of these techniques.

I’m someone who relates to things in a manner both visual & aural and that informs how I teach.  So, yes, there is a fair amount of noise-making in class: the clicking of sticks (we call them knitting needles), the chatter of happy learners (ok, sometimes frustrated learners, but I’ll get you to the goal, not to worry), the whoops of excitement (as people find their “aha” moments with the various techniques that make up knitting and crochet).  Ok, so that’s the aural.  I mentioned visual…

Knitting_cable_MiekoMintzyarn_Electric blue_Lisa Daehlin Swatch
Busby Berkeley?
(circular knitted lace/crochet mandala)

Kali? (centered double decrease)

(knitting in the round on double points)

tapestry crochet citrus mandala 300x257_Lisa Daehlin swatchClear as a bell?  Well, if not, then THESE ARE THE CLASSES FOR YOU! Order before midnight tonight (couldn’t resist) … actually, just sign up before class starts next week at Cooper Union… and YOU TOO can join the tribe of those in the knitting know.


Crochet:  An exploration of the basics
6 Mondays, Sep.27-Nov.10, 6:30-8:30pm

Knitting Step 1:  An introduction to the time-honored tradition
4 Tuesdays, Sep.28-Oct.19, 6:30-8:30pm

Knitting Step 2:  For intermediate and advanced students
6 Tuesdays, Oct.26-Nov.30 6:30-8:30pm

More info and to register for these classes which meet at Cooper Union, Lower East Side, NYC.

Student Testimonials (oh, so slightly edited)

“Lisa’s class made me feel like a GODDESS.”

“I tapped into my inner Busby Berkeley and now knit lace while doing water aerobics.”

“After the class on knitting in the round on dpns, I can drop kick religious icons and have an INEXPLICABLE DESIRE to sing country songs while doing so.”

Cooper Union exterior of new building

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  1. September 22, 2010 1:23 pm

    Too funny! Almost makes me want to knit. Perhaps you could offer a knitting and movie history class… Esther Williams! Spiderman!

  2. Donna permalink
    December 4, 2011 7:21 pm

    I LOVE how you wrote this:

    “…I’ll get you to the goal, not to worry), the whoops of excitement (as people find their “aha” moments with the various techniques that make up knitting and crochet).”

    I have taught a lot of ladies to crochet and and knit. I always tell them “trust me, you’ll get it” and they marvel at my patience (but honestly, I sooo enjoy teaching them because of that “AHA moment” you wrote about). 90% of my students are co-workers who saw me with someone else and it sparked an interest. Every single one of them has stated “I can’t do this” and I promise they can and advise that everyone I have taught “got it.” Often, I will teach in 2 lessons, 1 hour each, during lunch, one on one, and teach the basics. The 2nd lesson is a quick review and then a project is “assigned” but is always something the student wants to make. Twice while teaching crochet, during the 2nd lesson I said we would go a little more advanced, and I’m teaching them triple crochet and in the round—and when we’re done, they have a butterfly, and I whip out a pipe cleaner and a magnet so it can be hung on their refrigerator, and they are so shocked excited and thrilled they they, unwittingly, made their first project.

    • December 5, 2011 3:53 pm

      Thanks for your comments. Yes, isn’t teaching such a rewarding experience? It’s something that empowers the learner and the facilitator in more ways than can be anticipated. I think of (one model of) learning as: walking into a room through one door. you are motivated to walk in there because you intend to learn something specific. you have whatever experiences you have/gather whatever info you can/process it in as many ways as you are able. you walk out a door on the other end of the room having become transformed in some way. part of the excitement for me in that scenario is that there is no WAY you could know in advance the thing(s) you know (about yourself, about others, about an idea…) after you have the experience. yes, we embark to learn somethings because we THINK we know what they are and how they will act in our lives, but there’s always an element of the impossible-to-anticipate in learning. Be well, -Lisa

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