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knitting & crochet classes at Cooper Union – NYC

February 1, 2010


Spring is in the air. Well, truth be told, it’s draped a bit in the guiseun melange de tricoter et crochet de lisa (ie a bunch of knitting and crochet by lisa) of winter, but it IS there, lurking like a seed in it’s husk. Ready to burst forth with potential (have you ever noticed that that word holds “potent” within it? I never had, until just now.)  Never one to be accused of being too linear, I digress. Let me credit the meanderings to pondering the pathways traced by the yarn and wire on the hook and needle, twisting, twirling into all KINDS of loveliness as it follows a path sometimes thought out, sometimes unknown, at times intended, other times overthrown (knitters will get that lace knitting reference). See? I’m digressing yet again… (sigh!).

One thing in which I believe strongly is finding one’s own tribe.  I feel that we each/all belong to many tribes and have found one such community through the manipulation of fiber.  A great pleasure for me is teaching knitting and crochet, which I do privately, at some yarn shops and at Cooper Union.

Cooper is quite a place. I’m proud to play a small part in its long history. More info on this illustrious and historic institution can be found here.

The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, established in 1859, is among the nation’s oldest and most distinguished institutions of higher learning. The college, the legacy of Peter Cooper, occupies a special place in the history of American education. It is the only private, full-scholarship college in the United States dedicated exclusively to preparing students for the professions of architecture, art and engineering. Peter Cooper was a workingman’s son who had less than a year of formal schooling. Yet he went on to become an industrialist and an inventor; …… (his) dream was to give talented young people the one privilege he lacked—a good education. He also wanted to make possible the development of talent that otherwise would have gone undiscovered. His dream—providing an education “equal to the best”—has come true. Since 1859, Cooper Union has educated thousands of artists, architects and engineers, many of them leaders in their fields. Today, his dream is still our mission.”

The Cooper Union Department of Continuing Education
30 Cooper Square; New York, NY 10003

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