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Flash Rosenberg – words fail me…

November 14, 2009

… but they never fail HER. They roll of her tongue, drip off her pen, ooze from her schmooze (see? I should leave the word-smithing to the professional).

I first met Flash when we were in a funky variety show together shortly after I moved to NYC. Meeting each other was the best thing about that odd little show. Since then, I’ve had the great pleasure of performing with her, having my head shot by her (nice photo, huh?) and seeing her work get better and bolder. One thing we have in common is being Continuing Ed Faculty at Cooper Union. I teach people to knit fabric with pointed sticks and string. She teaches people photography through the lens of finding points that stick in their stories.

A woman of endless talents (a few of her monikers: cartoonist, photographer, humorist, turtle wrangler) she is so darn creative!  Of late, she is doing some particularly fascinating and fresh work as Artist-in-Residence for LIVE from the New York Public Library, illustrating in real time conversations among a bunch of interesting folks (artists, politicians, litterati, glitterati, etc-eratti). Check OUT the videos of her inspired work at

Flash Rosenberg VIMEO screenshot

Flash Rosenberg VIMEO screenshot

Did I mention how incredibly GORGEOUS she is? It’s hard to share the stage with all that glam (not that she isn’t a gracious collaborator, I have nothing but praise for her). But, share the stage I did. Last spring, Flash graciously agreed to take part in OperaKnit Cabaret at Performance Space 122. We offered it in conjunction with an exhibition at PS122 Gallery Yarn Theory: Knitting, Crochet, Math and Science. With Louis Menendez at the keys, we had a blast and the audience didn’t riot (good thing too, as most of them were wielding sharp sticks and hooks, happily crafting away as we performed).

OperKnit Cabaret - Lisa Daehlin singing; Flash Rosenberg dancing to Boulevard of Broken Dreams

OperaKnit Cabaret at Performance Space 122 - Lisa Daehlin singing; Flash Rosenberg dancing to Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Again with the weaving things together and finding connections: Flash gave the show structure and made sense of the melange of operatic arias, art songs, cabaret songs, turn-of-the-century newspaper articles, story-telling that was the performance (even finding ways to link Cole Porter’s Tale of the Oyster to the modern science of yarn production).

Here are a few shots from the evening. You can see how high-paced and unconventional the stage action was. Not even the photos could keep up – hence the blur.  I’m the one singing in the knitted plastic glow-in-the-dark yarn getup (thanks to the folks at Jelly Yarn), Flash is the blur chasing unraveling balls of yarn. People are STILL talking about that number.

OperKnit Cabaret - Flash Rosenberg at PS122

OperaKnit Cabaret at PS122 - Flash Rosenberg knocking 'em dead

OperKnit Cabaret at PS122- Louis Menendez, Lisa Daehlin, Flash Rosenberg

OperaKnit Cabaret at PS122- Louis Menendez, Lisa Daehlin, Flash Rosenberg

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